Klangkunst, vom 07.03.2005, 00:00 Uhr

Every Thursday night at 5 past midnight (Friday 0.05 a.m. local time) we offer a slot called "Klangkunst" (art of sound), 55-minutes dedicated to Ars Acustica, Audio Art, and Sound-Composition on the borderline of literature, sound and music.

The weekly "Klangkunst" has been opened in January 1995 in order to widen the formal range of radio-play and radio-drama and to include all new forms of Radio Art as: sound poetry, text-sound-collage, soundscapes, multilingual sound-compositions, acoustic literature, radiophonic electronic and digital art and radio performances. Welcome and intended is international collaboration and exchange. It is our interest to explore the magic world of listening with all artistic means. As we regard "Klangkunst" as a workshop, as a laboratory for radio-art, we focus on one side on narration, dramaturgy, semantics, on human emotions and relations, on the other side on the quality of composition - but try to find new artistic tools and language for it, together with national and international radio artists. We prefer to use the whole 55-minutes-slot for one radio-work than to split it up into short pieces. But nothing is impossible and borders are open!

We are member of the Ars Acustica Working Group of the European Broadcasting Union.

You can send your propositions, critic or own projects for "Klangkunst" per Email to: klangkunst@dradio


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Ars Acustica-Arbeitsgruppe der Europäischen Rundfunkunion (EBU)